Landscape Stone

We carry a variety of landscape stone from boulders to pea gravel

If you have questions about the appropriate mulch for your application, please call us at 330-759-3121

Canadian Blue

1″ or 3″ average diameter

River Rock

1″ or 3″ average diameter

Mojave Stone

1″ or 3″ average diameter

Limestone #57


Limestone #304


Ag Slag


Pea Gravel


Play Sand


Crushed Concrete #304


Landscape Boulders and Flagstone

Landscape Boulders


Small Landscape Boulders


Slate Flagstone




Asphalt Grindings

Asphalt Grindings


Product Pricing

Stone, Sand, and Concrete Products

Pricing is per yard unless noted
Can. Blue #57$86.00
Can. Blue #3$88.00
River Rock #57$36.00
River Rock #3$36.00
Limestone #57, #304, Ag Slag$33.00
Crushed Concrete #304$19.00
Crushed Concrete 1x4$17.00
Asphalt Grindings$18.00

Coverage of Mulch, Stone, Topsoil

Per Yard of Material
Area (length x width)Depth
324 sq ft1"
162 sq ft2"
108 sq ft3"
81 sq ft4"
65 sq ft5"
54 sq ft6"