NOTICE: All materials, whether produced here at DelliQuadri or trucked in from another site may contain the following:

Garbage, small pieces of glass, smaller stones, sticks, roots, dirt, weeds, grass, and etc.

This is not to say these items are in all the materials we sell. These things can and do find their way through our screens into our topsoil or mulch unbeknownst to us. As well as hidden in a truckload of material we have hauled in offsite. We do our best to use our screeners to screen out glass, garbage and etc, but there are small pieces that the screens miss. Please be patient and understanding if you do find any of these things in your purchased material. A phone call to make us aware of the debris can help us to keep an eye out for unwanted items in certain materials. Or we can let our vendor know the material we have purchased from them included these things.