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Landscape Stone

We carry a variety of landscape stone from boulders to pea gravel

If you have questions about the appropriate mulch for your application, please call us at 330-759-3121

Landscape Boulders and Flagstone

Asphalt Grindings

Product Pricing

Stone, Sand, and Concrete Products

Pricing is per yard unless noted
Can. Blue #57$87.00
Can. Blue #3$89.00
River Rock #57$39.00
River Rock #3$39.00
Limestone #57, #304, Ag Slag$37.50
Crushed Concrete #304$19.00
Crushed Concrete 1x4$18.00
Asphalt Grindings$18.00

Coverage of Mulch, Stone, Topsoil

Per Yard of Material
Area (length x width)Depth
324 sq ft1"
162 sq ft2"
108 sq ft3"
81 sq ft4"
65 sq ft5"
54 sq ft6"