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Landscape Stone

Soil and Fill

Block and Pavers

Grass Seed

Product Pricing

Fertilizer, Seed, and Fabric

Fertilizer (20-10-10)Covers 10,000 sq ft - 50lbs$35.00/bag
Fertilizer (12-12-12)Covers 6,000 sq ft - 50lbs$35.00/bag
Fertilizer (10-20-20)Covers 5,000 sq ft - 50lbs$35.00/bag
Fertilizer (15-0-15)Covers 7,500 sq ft - 50lbs$35.00/bag
Pro III Seed Sun/ShadeUnder 25lbs/Over 25lbs$5.32/$5.22 per lb
Elite Seed Full SunUnder 25lbs/Over 25lbs$5.10/$5.00 per lb
Full Shade Improved ShadeUnder 25lbs/Over 25lbs$4.87/$4.77 per lb
Heavy Duty Shade MixUnder 25lbs/Over 25lbs$4.93/$4.83 per lb
Roadside O-DOT Seed50 lb bag$3.82 per lb

Delliquadri Products

Pricing is per yard except where noted.
Double Shred$23.00
Economy/Playground Mulch$17.00
Dyed Mulches$28.00
Clay Fill$10.50
Mush. Compost$40.00
Garden Blend$42.00
Can. Blue #57$86.00
Can. Blue #3$88.00
River Rock #57$36.00
River Rock #3$36.00
Limestone #57, #304, Ag Slag$33.00
Crushed Concrete #304$19.00
Crushed Concrete 1x4$17.00
Asphalt Grindings$18.00

Bagged Pricing

Double Mulch$3.00
Dyed Mulch$3.50
Top Soil$4.50
Can. Blue$5.25
Mushroom Compost$4.50
River Rock$4.50
Crushed Concrete$3.00

*Mulch, Topsoil, Sand Bags cover approximately 2 cubic feet/bag 14 bags = 1 yard Stone bags cover approximately 1 cubic feet/bag 27 bags = 1 yard

Coverage of Mulch, Stone, Topsoil

Per Yard of Material
Area (length x width)Depth
324 sq ft1"
162 sq ft2"
108 sq ft3"
81 sq ft4"
65 sq ft5"
54 sq ft6"
*1 Bale of Straw = 800 – 1000 sq. ft. 5lbs. Of Grass Seed = 1000 sq. ft roughly

Great for the Do-It-Yourself Person or if you choose, have the landscaping project done for you

Bring in your ideas or designs, we’re here to help. One of our certified staff will help you calculate the quantities of materials needed to get the job done, answer any questions you might have and load you up or deliver the materials to your door. built-in-grillGot an idea for a project? We can answer questions and help you create a unique design to make your project a reality.