Grass Seed, Fabric and Fertilizer

We provide materials for Mahoning, Trumbull, and surrounding counties

If you have questions about the appropriate mulch for your application, please call us at 330-759-3121

Grass Seed

We have grass seed for all types of purposes and sun conditions including:


Landscape Fabric

landscape fabric delliquadri landscape

Product Pricing

Fertilizer, Seed, and Fabric

Fertilizer (20-10-10)Covers 10,000 sq ft - 50lbs$35.00/bag
Fertilizer (12-12-12)Covers 6,000 sq ft - 50lbs$35.00/bag
Fertilizer (10-20-20)Covers 5,000 sq ft - 50lbs$35.00/bag
Fertilizer (15-0-15)Covers 7,500 sq ft - 50lbs$35.00/bag
Pro III Seed Sun/ShadeUnder 25lbs/Over 25lbs$5.32/$5.22 per lb
Elite Seed Full SunUnder 25lbs/Over 25lbs$5.10/$5.00 per lb
Full Shade Improved ShadeUnder 25lbs/Over 25lbs$4.87/$4.77 per lb
Heavy Duty Shade MixUnder 25lbs/Over 25lbs$4.93/$4.83 per lb
Roadside O-DOT Seed50 lb bag$3.82 per lb

Coverage of Mulch, Stone, Topsoil

Per Yard of Material
Area (length x width)Depth
324 sq ft1"
162 sq ft2"
108 sq ft3"
81 sq ft4"
65 sq ft5"
54 sq ft6"